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Review: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

My first experience of the Metal Gear Solid series was back in 1999 when the PlayStation 1 game was released and was so excited about it with all of the great reviews and the fact that it seemed like a big game spanning over 3 discs and did not have a great game to play since Final Fantasy 7.

What struck me about the game the more I had played it was the brilliant voice acting and how much the Hideo Kojima made the story evoke our emotions and get us to cry at the death of some of the characters and the whole aspect of Solid Snake being a clone and having a brother called Liquid Snake a battle of good vs evil if you will. I would almost guarantee that most people would cry at the ending and the fantastic music score.

Since the first game on the PlayStation there have been sequels and three of them make up this High Definition version. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker all for around the £25 mark and well worth it too! Konami have even included the MSX versions of Metal Gear 1 and 2 in the Metal Gear 3 game. The collection does not include the PlayStation 1 Metal Gear and nor does it contain the Metal Gear Solid 4 but those games are worth buying on their own and I would imagine that it would take forever and a day to upgrade the PlayStation 1 version due to the very outdated graphics.

Graphically you would not have expected the games to have aged well since the PlayStation 2 or even the PSP but in fact they have been vastly improved and in Metal Gear Solid 3 you would not know that it was on an older console. The boss battles and the FMV cut scenes are just fantastic to watch and the final battle of the game with the flowers just make the HD collection a must buy for that alone.

The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection includes Trophies and Achievements and are worthy of multiple playthroughs and are progressive so no camping and reloading saves after deaths as you would not be able to unlock. They also encourage watching the cut scenes as pressing the R1 or RB button at certain moments nets you rewards. Cut scenes have been a staple to the Metal Gear Solid series for quite a long time now and can last for up to half an hour and depending on your concentration level you could end up just skipping them and missing the story behind the gameplay and that is a shame but compared to Metal Gear Solid 4’s cut scenes the HD collection is not as bad as you might think.

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