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Are You Ready For Mass Effect 3?

In just less than a months time Mass Effect 3 will be with us all to play and was one of Microsoft’s exclusives until EA made Mass Effect 2 multi-platform

Mass Effect 2 on the PlayStation 3 was the Game of the Year version and had every bit of DLC available at a discount cost AND you did not need to play the first game either as it had a comic book style mission summarising the first game with choices to make that effect you later on.

After playing through the Mass Effect 3 demo I can safely say that this game is going to be one of the best this year. Two missions are on this demo and for those people who have stuck with the series since the first game back in 2007 the demo makes you feel like you never left the game even though Mass Effect 3 has been two years in the making.

You start the demo on earth with some basic choices in which you pick some of your old team to stay alive if you did so in previous games and with a situation where the Reapers have now invaded earth and you have to get out of there and back onto the Normandy to try to save the human race. Graphically this game is stunning through all of the action and there is no slowdown. Right from the start as you are escaping, ships in the background are getting destroyed and left in awe at the quality of it all.

You get a sense of how determined Commander Shepard is in the demo so far and with the team mates aswell. With it being just a demo it remains to be seen how all the choices made from the previous game saves will affect relationships and consequences in the full game and gives us something to really look forward to.

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