Are You Ready For Mass Effect 3?

In just less than a months time Mass Effect 3 will be with us all to play and was one of Microsoft’s exclusives until EA made Mass Effect 2 multi-platform

Mass Effect 2 on the PlayStation 3 was the Game of the Year version and had every bit of DLC available at a discount cost AND you did not need to play the first game either as it had a comic book style mission summarising the first game with choices to make that effect you later on.

After playing through the Mass Effect 3 demo I can safely say that this game is going to be one of the best this year. Two missions are on this demo and for those people who have stuck with the series since the first game back in 2007 the demo makes you feel like you never left the game even though Mass Effect 3 has been two years in the making.

You start the demo on earth with some basic choices in which you pick some of your old team to stay alive if you did so in previous games and with a situation where the Reapers have now invaded earth and you have to get out of there and back onto the Normandy to try to save the human race. Graphically this game is stunning through all of the action and there is no slowdown. Right from the start as you are escaping, ships in the background are getting destroyed and left in awe at the quality of it all.

You get a sense of how determined Commander Shepard is in the demo so far and with the team mates aswell. With it being just a demo it remains to be seen how all the choices made from the previous game saves will affect relationships and consequences in the full game and gives us something to really look forward to.

There are a few small tweaks from the previous games where you are guided to gaps that need to be jumped and ladders have the up arrow inviting you to climb them but does not take a lot away from the game. there are some changes to the character upgrading system where before if you rank a certain skill out there is the opportunity to move that skill to either more damage or to give a better radius. Now however you can do that earlier and tweak that skill all the way until you have maxed it out.

In regards to the action, a definite improvement to Mass Effect 2 is changing the enemy types and giving us more of a challenge, some enemies look like some out of Dead Space and others have shields that are difficult to get through unless you combine powers with grenades. This gives more variety to the gameplay and rewards thinking more rather than wasting bullets.

A new addition to Mass Effect 3 is the co-op multiplayer. form a team with up to three of your friends, then work together to liberate key conflict zones. You’ll start as a human combatant, but through a deep progression system you can unlock other powerful races and classes. You will need the other classes’ unique play style, powers, and abilities – plus other unlockable rewards such as weapons, armor, health and damage boosters, and upgrade kits – to defeat increasingly deadly waves of opposition. But above all, you will need teamwork to survive. This could be a great addition to the series and provide some longevity and some DLC opportunities. Maybe a season pass?

Also featured is Kinect support. Speaking your commands or dialogue works well and makes it easier to use your voice instead of using your control pad and pausing action to select an ability.

If you have pre-ordered Mass Effect 3 there are some great bonuses ranging from armour with extra features and upgraded weapons. There is also the Collectors edition which features the following and is a must have for die-hard Mass Effect fans

Mass Effect 3 N7 Collectors Edition Contains:

  • Exclusive Collectible Tin featuring male and female Shepard
  • Exclusive Hardcover Art Book
  • Exclusive N7 Fabric Patch
  • Exclusive 4×6 Lithograph
  • Exclusive Extended Soundtrack
  • Dark Horse Comic Book
  • Additional Downloadable Mission and Character
  • Bonus Avatars and More

Mass Effect 3 arrives in stores on the 9th March 2012


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